Dunn's River upgrade to boost tourism industry

April 03, 2017
Dunn's River Falls

Chairman of the National Cruise Council, Michael Belnavis, says upgrading of the Dunn's River Falls attraction in Ocho Rios will further boost Jamaica's growing cruise sector.

Belnavis said Jamaica was already on course to become the number one cruise destination in the region and that the recent Dunn's River upgrade has all but sealed the deal.

Belnavis said the new $122-million Central Gardens theme park at Dunn's River will bring even more guests and, by extension, more cruise ships to Jamaica.

Recently, the Urban Development Corporation officially opened the Central Gardens, unveiling a state-of-the-art theme park that comes equipped with a water slide and a splash pad.

Belnavis noted that Dunn's River currently attracts in excess of 800,000 visitors annually, a figure he expects to surpass one million before year end.

He said that in addition to Dunn's River, Chukka has recently invested US$3.5 million in its Good Hope, Trelawny, facility, Wata Land in St Mary has spent in excess of US$1 million doing an upgrade, while Appleton has pumped $1 billion into upgrading its visitor centre in St Elizabeth.

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