I still say purple ... woman paints house in KC colours

April 03, 2017
The 'Fortis' House. Angela Levy has painted her dwelling in the purple and white of her favourite school, Kingston College.
Angela Levy shows off her purple ensemble.


Still distraught and teary-eyed following Saturday's close loss to Calabar, a Kingston College (KC) fan said it took a visit by our news team yesterday to cheer her up.

When our news team pulled up at the gate of Angela Levy, she looked outside with her swollen eyes in awe.

"Mi just done cry awhile ago. Unuh lift my spirit cause I was still crying," she said. Levy is the owner of the 'Fortis' premises on Shakespeare Avenue, Duhaney Park, St Andrew.

She told THE STAR that the house is painted purple and white to showcase her love and admiration for anything KC.

Outfitted just in time for Champs, she said it took only three days to complete.

"I climbed on the ladder and did it myself. I love KC. My nephew used to go to KC. All of my friends dem use to go to Kingston College, all of dem, and dem turn doctors," she said.


Gone viral


She knows her house has gone viral, with several postings on the Internet recently. Levy has lived at her present address for seven years.

"It was purple and white before I painted it, but the colours weren't so pronounced," she said. She also painted the trees, grille and poles purple, the paint job cost her $15,000. She said everyone loves the house.

"They say I am artistic, unique, creative, and a genius. You have a few past students that live around there so and when dem pass it's just 'Fortis, Fortis, Fortis'," Levy said.

Several times during the interview, Levy had to stop and salute passersby who hailed her with the familiar word. Even inside the house is outfitted with purple doors, sheets set and curtains.

Levy said the controversy with Ugandan Ari Rodgers was much to do about anything.

"Him just want to contribute to the excellence," she said. Levy said she didn't know how long it would take to get over the loss as she thought they would win by about 35 points.

Still donning her purple shirt, merino and hair, she gave a familiar refrain.

"The brave may fall but never yield. Mi still cry but dem ago just get over it, enuh, KC don't make anything bother them. They are unique, they set trend, people must follow dem," she said, adding that everybody craves to be like KC. "When they beat KC, they feel real good because they know they beat a champion. Anywhere, Schools Challenge Quiz, football, anything dem just excel."

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