Please give me a kidney ... woman's life hangs in balance

April 03, 2017
Tears come to the eyes of Deneise Whyte as she explains her plight.
Deneise Whyte describes her fight with renal failure.
Deneise Whyte stands at the front of her house


Deneise Whyte is desperately pleading for a kidney to ensure she survives to at least witness the growth of her children and grandchildren.

Ever since the 52-year-old resident of Windsor Heights, St Catherine heard the horrifying news that she had renal failure in 2014, she has been fearful it may lead to her demise.

"I just need some help because I really want a donor so I could do the transplant. I am on the list at public (Kingston Public Hospital) and Spanish Town and I don't get no call yet," Whyte expressed.

"I asked my relatives if they could give me a kidney but them say them fraid," the mother of four muttered, while wiping away tears.

With no donor coming forward, her medical bills are mounting. Already, she has racked up almost $4.5 million in expenses in three years and is now at her wits end, with her source of funding growing thin.

"Dialysis alone, I have to spend $10,500 per session and I have to do it for three sessions a week," she said.


Cry sometimes


Her son, who resides overseas, is the main contributor to her treatment. However the fees are too hefty for him, so other family members and friends pitch in when they can.

"My husband wants to help but him do woodwork and the money him mek nuh sure. Sometimes him work and affi wait a long time before him get pay and him help me sometime when him can but sometime him can't help so that make him cry sometimes," she said.

At times, due to the lack of finances, she is forced to skip dialysis which is dangerous.

"My tummy get swell on me cause I don't have the money and then have to draw fluid out of the belly. The last time I went to the hospital and they draw three bags of fluid out of my belly," she said, sorrowfully rubbing her abdomen.

Persons wishing to help Whyte can call her at 392-3665.

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