'Real Milk' campaign bringing results

April 03, 2017
A dairy farmer tends to his cow in St Elizabeth.

Since the launch of the Drink Real Milk (DRM) campaign in January 2016, there has been much excitement in the dairy industry.

The joint effort among DRM partners Nutramix, Seprod, Fersan and the Jamaica Dairy Development Board has helped to turn the industry in a positive direction.

This has resulted in a number of locally produced new products, including a lactose-free milk and heavy whipping cream now being made with real milk.

Condensed milk is now also being manufactured using real milk, instead of with imported milk powder.

On the farm, there has also been an introduction of new and improved genetics into the industry, as well as new management techniques.

Last year, the milk industry recorded its highest output seen in over a decade. One of the main contributors has been the ability of dairy farmers to get more milk from the same size herd by following a milk replacement programme.

Before the DRM campaign, the industry average was less than nine litres per cow, per day. A year later, many farmers are now averaging 12 litres or more.




"We have been receiving fantastic results from farmers using our Kalvolac milk replacer and Nutravit vitamin pack. They have been garnering healthier calves, enjoying increased savings and more profits," explained Dr Gabrielle Young, livestock support manager, Newport Mills Limited.

The use of both will not only increase yield from dairy cattle, but will also produce higher-quality meats from beef cattle.

"These are both great, affordable products for your herd, and as always, if you need our help or technical advice, we are here to help," emphasised Winston Thomas, technical sales manager at Newport Mills.

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