Cashier accused of million-dollar theft

April 05, 2017

A young woman was yesterday hauled before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish court on allegations that she embezzled some eight million dollars from her workplace.

Shawna Kay Manasseh, 26, who was employed as a cashier and administrative assistant at M and M foods on Spanish Town Road, Kingston for over two years, pleaded not guilty to the charge of embezzlement.

Reports are that on October 21, 2016, the store manager was trying to balance the day's report when he observed inconsistencies.

Upon checking the system journal which shows all transactions, he observed the system's daily report was closed off and restarted, which is not allowed.




He then proceeded to open all the daily transactions that were closed off early and restarted, where he observed receipts for goods sold and a report for those receipts that were not turned over to the manager.

The manager reported that he called Manasseh to his office to explain the discrepancies, where she broke down in tears and admitted that she took the money due to some problems she was experiencing.

She reportedly asked for time to repay the money and begged the manager not to inform the store owner. However he did.

The manager further reported that Manasseh contacted him two days later with a different story, claiming that she had given credit to a customer and did not collect the cash, but would do so and take it to the office.

A day later, Manasseh's mother appeared at the store's office and presented $710,500 to the store owner and manager. However she was told that the sum is only a fraction of what she owes.

The manager and store owner then reported the matter to the Hunts Bay police, who arrested and charged the accused.

Yesterday, the court heard that some statements in Manasseh's case are outstanding. Her bail was extended for her to reappear in court on May 31.

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