Father murdered at school

April 05, 2017

A relative of Carl Armstrong, 33, the man who was shot and killed at Grant's Pen Primary School in Albion, St Thomas yesterday morning, said his death was untimely because he was months away from welcoming his fourth child into the world.

"Everybody a say him not even get fi see him last child," Armstrong's cousin, Tracey Reid said. Reid said Armstrong was the sole breadwinner for his family.

"We a wonder who ago tek care of him family," Reid said. "Him use to pick mango and sell. A so him earn him living."

Reports are that Armstrong was shot seven times in the face in a driveby shooting as he dropped of students. He died before getting to hospital.

Bystanders said the culprits sped off in their vehicle as police arrived. The vehicle was intercepted by the police as it made its way to Kingston.

One of the four men aboard has been identified as a constable attached to the Hunts Bay police station in St Andrew.

Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay said the Police High Command has demanded a thorough and speedy investigation because "It never looks good on us as an organisation when something like this happens".

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