Vendors boast about good Champs sales

April 05, 2017
Track and field fans celebrate in the grandstand during Boys and Girls Championships in 2012.

Scores of vendors in the Corporate Area stocked up on merchandise associated with the top schools competing at the ISSA Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships held at the National Stadium during the past week.

However, these products virtually disappeared off stalls and out of the hands of vendors during the championship. While not all vendors could boast about high sales for their champs products, they could not deny that their regular earnings increased.

"Me sell a good amount, yes, because most people weh a go Champs, especially pon Friday buy them flag and them horn when them a go stadium," said Marcia, a vendor who sold ties, horns, flags and bandannas in the colours of the participating institutions on Beckford Street in downtown Kingston.

"All a the Calabar one them gone. A just some KC (Kingston College) one alone me have still. Up to yesterday me sell Calabar flag," Ants Man, another downtown higgler, joked.

David Maragh said that his biggest sellers were flags and horns, but he is yet to sell all the items.

Despite the lacklustre sales that some vendors experienced, they don't intend to dispose of their products.

"When nothing a gwaan again, and me know say people a go want them again, me carry them come sell," Maragh said.


Unsold stocks


Meanwhile, Marcia believes she can still seek sales for unsold stocks even next year.

"No, mi nuh sell dem off. Dem deh a mi yard till. Me plan fi save them till next year again when a Champs time me come sell them again," she said.

Some of the vendors are not too perturbed by whispers that they might be fined or charged in the future for selling products that represent schools participating in Champs as they have other goods that they can rely on to earn a buck from.

"We hear say them a go ban them. Calabar and KC a go ban them. Mi nah sell Champs things now, and me still have things a sell," Marcia said told THE STAR yesterday.

"If them ban it, a just so it go. At the end of the day, we a higglers and we always a go have things a sell. A nuh Champs time alone we sell," Ants Man admitted.

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