Cyst finally removed from baby girl's stomach

April 07, 2017
The huge cysts in and around Abigayle's stomach formed a huge ball in her stomach.

Pamela Johnson, the mother of the 10-month-old baby that had a giant cyst in her stomach which threatened to destroy her liver, was beaming with joy when she visited The Gleaner's North Street offices to inform THE WEEKEND STAR that her daughter had successfully undergone the surgery to remove the cyst.

"They did the surgery last week Friday and she is recovering now," Johnson said with a winsome smile. "The article came out Tuesday and they wanted to do the surgery from as early as Wednesday, but it was done on Friday. I just want to thank THE STAR because it wouldn't happen without you."

Johnson voiced her frustration to THE STAR last week, stating that she was getting the runaround from doctors at the Bustamante Hospital For Children for about four months, as to when they would surgically removed the cyst that was spreading over her daughter Abigayle Willis' liver.

Johnson said she has yet to receive an explanation as why it took so long for the surgery to be done but still wanted to express her gratitude to the doctors at the hospital.

"They didn't tell why it take them so long to do, but I still want to thank them because I couldn't do it without them," Johnson said.

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