NSWMA 'scraps' junk operation in Riverton

April 07, 2017
A National Solid Waste Management Authority team carried out a massive clean up at Riverton Meadows with the assistance of the security forces yesterday.


Yesterday the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) forcefully removed a group of residents from Riverton Meadows who were illegally running a scrap metal operation along Spanish Town road in the vicinity of the community.

Director of compliance enforcement and security at the NSWMA, Charles Simpson, said residents were served a seven-day notice on February 24 but failed to do anything to relocate.

"After the expiry date, they took no option to move so the NSWMA, in conjunction with our partners, the JCF and the JDF, moved in and decided to now clear all the debris from here," Simpson said.

He said the NSWMA has devised a plan to prevent the squatters from resuming their activities after they removed the debris, but refused to reveal what it entails.


Not only metal


The debris consists of scrap metal and loads of dirt mounted high on street named Portland which leads to the community.

"As you can see it is not only metal over there. A man come and dump dirt over there. A it him hustle. People who want dem place dump up come link so a him why it stay so bad," resident Wayne Palmer said.

Another resident told THE WEEKEND STAR she was pleased to see the debris being removed.

"I'm glad they come and clear it because it was looking bad in front of the community. It did look really terrible," senior citizen Sharon Smith said.

Staff Sergeant at Jamaica Defence Force Paul Miller said the operations ran smoothly.

"We came here this morning because we expect that there might be some resistance but so far it is going smooth," Miller said.

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