Living In Shambles : 'The whole a it a rotten' - Senior citizen's living conditions worsen when it rains

April 11, 2017
Alva Folks shows her kitchen where even her refrigerator has to be moved about when it rains, as water comes through the roof and ceiling.
Alva Folks in a section of her modest dwelling.

The housing issue in the community of Rose Town, Kingston has many facets, and although the conditions are unbearable in most of the cases chronicled, weather conditions also affect the level of comfort.

A senior resident informed our news team that living in the tough space is a task within itself, let alone having to live through some disastrous weather which may cause her more grief.

Alva Folks, 76, told THE STAR that she has been trying to make the best of what she has in order to keep the walls around her up.

However, the roof over her head and its weakening state is what she has to contend with.

"See say fi mi house nuh even have no top. The whole a it a rotten," Folks told our news team.

When asked how long she has resided in the community, Folks said, "Lawd Jesus, mi can't even count a how much years. From 19 how long me live here so."

She resides at the location with her son and granddaughter.

She told THE STAR that her situation worsens whenever it rains and at her age, it is very stressful.

Folks said, "When the rain fall the whole a mi bed wet up and me and mi grand daughter very uncomfortable." She told THE STAR that because of the damaged roof, frustration sets in whenever it rains and makes living harder.

"Mi affi set mi bath pan on the bed. The fridge now, mi push it away and put another pan here so," she said.

When asked about the bathroom, Folks told THE STAR that the situation where that is concerned is bad.

She said, "Well the bathroom facilities bad, enuh, and mi a try mek one right round there so but boy, a long time mi a try finish, but the money can't go. See mi have a bath deh - mi can't get to put it in and mi have a toilet bowl. Mi have the things dem, enuh, but a just the structure."

Folks also lamented that her call for assistance has fallen on deaf ears and, like several other residents, the sentiments about their elected representatives are just the same.

She said, "No sah, me nuh even know dem. A only Pastor Wright (the councillor) mi see and from mi see him inna December, I don't see him again. Mi nuh get no help from them, none at all."

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