Rastas walk to rid shoreline of plastics

April 11, 2017

A group of Rastafarians plan to walk the length and breadth of Jamaica’s shoreline to rid it of plastics, and to bring awareness to the impact of climate change.

The Rastafarians, who are partnering with One Love One Step Walk in the venture, hope the trek will help them to win the hearts of Jamaicans.

“This is also going give the Church an establishment within the island here,” Wesley Kelly, priest of the Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church, told THE STAR.

The Royal Ethiopian Judah Coptic Church was last month allowed to officially register as a church.

“We have been around from 1981 and now being given the opportunity to be registered church,” Kelly said.

The Companies Office of Jamaica said the registration took place on February 28.

Kelly said he hopes the publicity his church is getting from the One Love One Step Walk will allow them to set up more branches on the island.

Meanwhile, Kynd, a native of Ireland, founded the One Love One Step Walk charity organisation two years ago.

“We did the old Nanny walk and we did it to talk to the ordinary people of Jamaica about the climate change to touch the beating heart of Jamaica,” Kynd said. “So this is the year of the oceans, we have cleaned up a beach at Bournemouth Bath in Kingston and we are going right around the island doing this.”

The walk started in Port Antonio on the April 2 and will finish whenever the volunteers have made their way around the island.    


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