Gridlock - Meeting held to discuss principal, student dispute

April 12, 2017
Cumberland High principal, Michael Brydson.

The conflict involving principal of the Cumberland High School in Portmore, Michael Brydson, and a female grade-nine student that led to the smashing of the back glass of his Suzuki Vitara SUV is still unsettled.

Despite a meeting at the school involving representatives from the Ministry of Education, Director of Safety and Security for Schools, Coleridge Minto and Member of Parliament for the area Colin Fagan yesterday, all classes are yet to resume.

According to Brydson, he did reprimand the female student whom he claimed was behaving in a disrespectful manner by pointing her fingers in his face and using expletives.

"When I found out that she was not going to comply with what was asked of her, I left for my office," said Brydson, who was also accused of hitting the student with a ruler. 

Brydson added that it was while he was in his office that he heard the alarm on his vehicle. Upon investigating, he found out that the back glass was smashed.

Meanwhile, Minto stated that he was informed by students who witnessed the incident that the female student in question had hurled a rock into the back glass of Brydson's vehicle. He said she later admitted that she had done it.

Minto has also promised a detailed investigation into the incident before any conclusion can be arrived at.


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