More than 200 youth being trained in 3D animation

April 13, 2017
A scene from Disney's 'Finding Dory'.

Approximately 150 young people are benefiting from training in 3D animation, which will prepare them to take up lucrative jobs within the global industry.

The 10-month 'Creative Industries Education and Employment Programme' involves partnership between the Youth Employment in the Digital and Animation Industry (YEDAI) project and the Carlos Arguello (CA) Foundation.

The training, which got under way in February at Cornerstone Ministries in Kingston, involves five modules, with each module lasting for two months.

It is being funded by the World Bank through the Korean Trust Fund.

The YEDAI programme is an initiative under the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, which operates through a US$20-million World Bank loan, and which has as its goal the training of and provision of employment for youth in the digital and animation industries.

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