Desmond blasts unprofessional undertakers

April 14, 2017

Local Government minister Desmond McKenzie has suggested that the undertaking business has been hijacked by persons who do not approach their tasks with professionalism.

"I have seen one of those unscrupulous undertakers washing off a body in the back of a van.  In years gone by, persons in your profession took pride in putting away those persons who came to you for burial," McKenzie said.

"I am concerned because the business is no longer a sacred operation… It has become inconsiderate, selfish and most importantly, the service has become poor.”

McKenzie, who is the member of parliament for West Kingston, was speaking at the 17th appreciation brunch for funeral directors, hosted by Meadowrest Memorial Gardens, held on Tuesday, April 11 at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

“How can we change the face of the profession and bring back dignity and decency?   This profession needs to return to its core value and raise the standard of its service.  And those of you who have invested in this line of business need to take a stand, as you cannot allow your profession to be dragged through the mud and be the centre of the worse kind of criticism,“ he said.

“Those of you who have gone through the rigours of proper training and have invested in a significant and meaningful way in the business, need to take action to improve the deterioration of the industry due to the lack of proper morgue facilities and the lack of proper facilitated needed to govern the sector,” he said.

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