Dead woman showered with cash

April 18, 2017

Mourners at a funeral held on the weekend in Gayle, St Mary, were left astonished after some family members of the deceased tossed several $1,000 Jamaican notes and numerous US$100 bills into the grave as it was being sealed.

As they grieved the passing of an elderly female relative, a handful of the family members showed their appreciation for her life by showering her casket with money as it was lowered into the grave.

Others forced coils of cash into block pockets and other crevices as the cement was being used to seal the sepulchre.

Some of the onlookers labelled their actions as 'wicked' as saying that times were too hard for them to be throwing away so much money.

Others threatened to dig up the grave to retrieve the money after the family members left the graveside, while some were just amused at what they were witnessing calling the deceased 'dead rich'.

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