Tesha Miller's attorney to seek his release

April 20, 2017
Tesha Miller


Tesha Miller's attorney Able-Don Foote says his legal team will be heading to court today seeking to have the reputed gangster released from bondage.

This following a question-and-answer session with the police which ended late yesterday. Foote told THE STAR that Miller has not been charged with a criminal offence.


Statutory release


"We are now in an even stronger position to go before the court come tomorrow (today) on that same rite of habeas corpus to submit firmly the court that upon the conclusion of same, he has not been charged and he ought not to languish in custody because there are certain statutory release that we are seeking to prevent that," he said.

Foote said Miller underwent lengthy questioning in relation to activities in two police divisions.

He expressed firm confidence in the system and said despite another night behind bars, Miller remains in high spirits.

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