Lawyer hails judge for Tesha Miller's release

April 21, 2017
Tesha Miller

Attorney Able-Don Foote has high praises for parish judge Vaughn Smith who yesterday ordered the release of his client Tesha Miller from custody.

The judge had ordered that the police either charge Miller or release him by 6 p.m. yesterday. He was released just after 5:30 p.m.

Miller, the reputed head of the Clansman gang, has been in police custody since April 4 after he was deported from The Bahamas after fleeing to that country.

"The judge did the right thing. It can't be that a citizen of Jamaica can be made to languish, without charge, for north of two weeks," Foote said.

Having been hit with the maximum punishment of $100 for breaching the country's immigration laws on Tuesday, Miller was released from police custody without charge.

This is despite police labelling him as a person of interest who they said could assist with investigations into several murders recorded in Spanish Town and Portmore in St Catherine.

A reputed gangster, the police spent nearly eight months seeking to take Miller into their custody. 

When Miller appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday and was hit with the $100 fine, the police indicated, at the time, that there was an endorsement on his file in relation to the Anti-Gang Act.

Foote said the police spent hours conducting question-and-answer sessions with his client and could find no reason to charge him.

"He was in high spirits," Foote said when asked how his client felt about the development. 


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