'Too many bikers can't ride' - Top rider wants persons to pass driving test

April 21, 2017
The damaged motorbike that Olympian Germaine Mason was riding during the fatal crash.

Kyle Reynolds, Jamaica's top motocross bike rider, says many crashes on the roads that involve the two-wheelers could be avoided if persons were required to pass tests to drive these vehicles.

"In Jamaica, you don't need anything to ride a bike. Yuh just walk into the tax office and you get your learners and then you are just left on the road to figure it out on your own," Reynolds said.

THE WEEKEND STAR sought Reynolds' opinion on what could have possibly caused the accident that claimed the life of former athlete Germaine Mason.

Mason was killed early yesterday morning along the Sir Florizel Glasspole Highway in a bike crash.


Understand the science


Without being able to speak to the specifics of Mason's unfortunate demise, Reynolds is of the view that bikes are not difficult to manoeuvre.

However, he said many of the riders on the nation's roads don't understand the science behind bike riding.

"Say them riding at 100 mph. Half of them have never tried to stop the bike. So how are they going to do it when they are riding when they have never executed it before? When a car pull out in front of them, when a dog or a big corner come up, dem panic," he said.

"They grab and the front brake and it lock up or them, steer exactly at what them don't want to hit, then run right into it," Reynolds added.

Up to press time, the Constabulary Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force did not offer a possible cause for the accident.

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