Family in court over big-back TV

April 24, 2017

A matter was sent for trial in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court Friday after they refused to settle a dispute over a big-back TV.

Vivette Duhaney and her son Lindel Walters are charged for malicious destruction of property. Allegations are that on March 5, Duhaney's eldest son returned home after visiting his girlfriend and found his television that he had for over five years split in two pieces.

Walters told the presiding judge, Chester Crooks, that the television can be fixed but his brother, the complainant, requested a new TV as he cannot envision that the damaged done can be corrected just by fixing. Duhaney also suggested that she would give the complainant a TV of the same kind, with a bigger screen, but her son said that the television has been broken for a while now and he doesn't believe that it would be a good replacement.

"The difficulty about this is that I don't think that it is easy to find a TV like that," Crooks said in relation to the big-back TV.

Crooks asked the family to work things out amicably, but both sides stood their grounds.

The matter is to be tried in the Night Court on May 9.


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