Jacob's Hut bridge closed

April 24, 2017
The structure of the Jacob's Hut bridge in Clarendon collapses due to the flood waters from the heavy rain in the parish.


The bridge along the road from Jacob's Hut to Pleasant Valley near Denbigh in Clarendon has officially been closed.

Anthony Hughes, parish manager at the National Works Agency (NWA), says the structure of the bridge has been compromised because of the flood waters that ravaged the island between Friday and Saturday.

A technical services team will be deployed to the area today to assess the extent of the damage.




"So far we see the need for intervention insofar as the drainage system is concerned. The systems could not handle the volume of water that passed through here on Saturday, and we are looking to see what mitigation measures we could employ," Stephen Shaw of the NWA said.

"We have mobilised the crews and instructions have been given to the parish team to have all the areas dealt with in all areas across the island where we have had impact" he said.

The Member of Parliament for Central Clarendon, Mike Henry, theorises that the extensive damage to the bridge is as a result of the major road rehabilitation work that has been taking place on the main road from Source Sop Turn to Chapelton.

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