Under attack - Soldier shot, police station invaded by thugs

April 24, 2017
Over $400,000 are spent on bullet wounds each day, dollars that could have been spent on food


Criminals, on the weekend, launched brazen attacks on members of the State, in one instance, shooting a soldier in his neck, and in the other opening fire at a police station.

"I am of the firm belief that we should stop doing the talking," security expert Robert Finzi-Smith said.

He reasoned that the events are yet another reminder of the lawlessness that plagues the land.

"We have laws and we need to enforce them. We need to start using intelligence driven information and find who we need to find and bring them in. We also need to find a way to ensure that we don't have repeat offenders," Finzi- Smith said.

Police investigators in St Catherine are searching for a group of gunmen who launched a brazen attack in Angels,which has resulted in the injury of a soldier.

The soldier was attacked by a group of men in a motor car.

Reports are that about 8:30 p.m., while returning from shopping in the community, the soldier was attacked and shot in his neck.

The men reportedly drove up and told him that they have been searching for him for sometime. The men then fired from the moving vehicle. The injured soldier was subsequently rescued.

He was rushed to seek medical attention at the Spanish Town Hospital, where he was admitted in very serious condition.

In Clarendon, three men entered the Hayes Police Station compound and attempted to open gunfire, when they were challenged by the station guard.

Reports are that a white Toyota Axio motor car, with no registration plate, drove on to the Hayes Police Station compound with three men aboard. Two masked men exited the vehicle, one armed with a rifle and the other with a handgun. The man with the rifle attempted to open gunfire on the police station when he was challenged by the station guard who fired four rounds from his service Glock pistol in his direction.

The man with the rifle made good his escape in the said motor vehicle and the other man with the handgun jumped the perimeter wall and escaped on foot in the area. It is not known if anyone was injured.

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