I regret going to university - disgruntled graduate

April 27, 2017
The University of Technology.

Across Jamaica, many high school graduates are encouraged to pursue tertiary level education once they are have met the prerequisite entry-level requirements.

However, one young man regrets listening to this advice.

Adrian Dixon, who pursued a bachelors in business administration at the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech) believes he wasted almost five years trying to attain a degree.

Enticed by the opportunity to improve his earning potential and with his love for accounts in high school, he was motivated in his choice of a course to study. He enrolled in 2012.

"I thought that I would go, get the degree and probably with a few months start working," Dixon explained.


Lending agency


Dixon, who relied on the Student's Loan Bureau to fund the cost of his college education, feels that individuals who rely on the lending agency are at a disadvantage.

"University is not conducive to learning when you have to depend on student loan. You have to wait until the loan goes through before you can start do your work," he said.

Having failed to secure a job that he could get with his qualifications, Dixon was forced to start working at a call centre to repay his increasing debts and has also ventured into music production as an engineer and recording artiste.


Have some links


Dixon believes a tertiary education on its own will not get college graduates hired in Jamaica.

"If yu have yu degree, just make sure say you have some links fi go along with it," he said.

He believes if people desire to pursue tertiary education, they should have a plan in place to repay the loans if they are intent on borrowing for their fees.

"If they have their minds set on going to college, I would not deter them, but I would encourage them to try and have a plan so when they borrow the money, they can pay it back. Try set up something weh yu can pay them back while yu study but if yu ago wait until yu finish the degree fi pay them back, it no always work out," he said.

He also encourages prospective students to research widely before they make a decision on higher education.

"A lot of persons don't know what they want to do so they take suggestions and when they take the suggestion, they are saying that they should have done something else," he said.

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