KPH doctors use makeshift lighting during power outage

April 27, 2017
Natalie Whylie (left) and Dr Christopher Tufton speak to the media last night following the power outage at the Kingston Public Hospital.

Doctors at the Kingston Public Hospital were forced to improvise yesterday after a power outage left sections of the facility in darkness.

Minister of Health Christopher Tufton noted that a power failure taking place in the Intensive Care Unit, Accident and Emergency Units and the surgery sections has severely impacted operations.


Use flashlights


Information reaching THE STAR is that doctors were even forced to use flashlights to assist them in carrying out their duties.

"Initially, perhaps in some areas, but that was quickly rectified," senior medical officer at the hospital Natalie Whylie said.

Tufton added that "I think the doctors have done well to relocate some patients, and operate where they have to under the circumstances with makeshift lighting."

The Jamaican Defence Force was also called in to help restore power to the affected areas.

While the minister blames the loss of power on dilapidated and not well maintained infrastructure, he was hopeful that power could be restore quickly.

One patient was relocated to the University Hospital of the West Indies, another to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, and another five to other sections of the building.

- A.M.

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