Scotiabank, Nazareth Primary celebrate Earth Day

April 27, 2017
Scotiabank's Hope McMillan-Canaan (left) assists Kiddy Cricketer Nathan McKintosh (right), to place a Bismarck palm in the centre of a green area behind the North Stand at Sabina Park on Earth Day. Looking on are McKintosh's teammate from Nazareth Primary, the top school in the Kiddy Cricket programme, Ronaldo Dennis, and Chirpy, the mascot.

On Earth Day, April 22, Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers who gathered at Sabina for the second day of test match between the West Indies and Pakistan, used the opportunity to plant a symbolic tree in celebration of the occasion.

The over 70 students gathered around a small triangular green area, to the back of the North Stand, to create a permanent marker that will inspire Kiddy Cricketers in years to come.

It was an educational initiative for those involved, to be reminded of the significance of Earth Day, and the importance of maintaining the environment through the planting of trees.

Members of the Nazareth Primary, the top school in the Kiddy Cricket Programme, were selected to assist with the planting exercise.

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