Vicious death of 71-y-o woman angers residents

April 27, 2017
Devon Carter shows where he found the body of his elderly mother, Elaine Smith.
Devon Carter

The suspicious death of a 71-year-old woman at her home at Barnes Avenue in Rockfort, Kingston, has left a bitter taste in the mouth of, not only her children, but other residents who knew her well.

The hillside community is grappling with the death as the signs, though unconfirmed, are that the deceased Elaine 'Laney' Smith, a mother of three, was possibly raped and killed. The police say they are treating the incident as a vicious death.

Information reaching THE STAR is that a condom was seen on the floor of her one- bedroom dwelling beside her body, further pointing to the allegations that there was a possible intruder.


Sexually assaulted


Deputy Superintendent Chris Brown of the Kingston East police told THE STAR, "In the state that she was in, we suspect that she was sexually assaulted. We cannot confirm exactly the cause of death, but there were scars on her body, and we are treating the incident as a vicious death."

THE STAR visited the community and the grim look on the faces of residents could tell that something was odd.

Devon Carter, 26, son of the deceased, told our news team that he returned home from work and found his mother dead.

" Mi reach home after 7 a.m. She would normally pull the gate for me when me reach home in the morning 'cause she know the sound of my bike. Mi nuh see her, so mi say she up there a sleep. Mi go knock, and mi nuh hear her, so mi push the door and see her lay down on the floor on her left side," he said.

He said the police told him that there was possible foul play, but is not sold on it.

"Nobody nah go trouble her. She go all bout. Mi question it, yes, and say inna miself what a condom a do there. Me nuh know she could a get a condom and she put it in her room, but mi nuh really jump to the conclusion," Carter told THE STAR.

Our news team gathered that the police are also probing whether or not yesterday's killing may have been tied to an ongoing rivalry between two gangs in the area.

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