Baby with giant cyst dies - Mother plans to take legal action against hospital

April 28, 2017
The huge cysts in and around Abigayle's stomach formed a huge ball in her stomach.

The mother of Abigayle Willis, the 10-month-old baby with a giant cyst that was pressing against her liver, is planning to take legal action against the Bustamante Hospital for Children.

The child died last week and her mother, Pamela Johnson, believes that if the doctors had been more proactive, her baby would have survived.

"When mi go to dem, dem seh 'Mother, stop worrying because this can be corrected'," Johnson said.

According to Johnson, her daughter spent eight months in hospital before the cyst was surgically removed from her stomach. Willis was admitted at the children's hospital when she was two months old.

A week after Willis' story was featured in THE STAR on March 28, Johnson said that her daughter had undergone the surgery successfully.

"The article came out Tuesday and they wanted to do the surgery from as early as Wednesday, but it was done on Friday. I just want to thank THE STAR because it wouldn't happen without you," Johnson said at the time with a winsome smile.

But Johnson's joy turned into sorrow as she learnt that Willis' condition had deteriorated badly.

"She spend how long up there and dem seh she have to do the surgery and mi realise seh a poppy show dem tek mi for because they keep on delaying it, and it if the story wasn't in THE STAR, dem wouldn't do the surgery," Johnson said with tears streaming down her face.

"I can't make this pass so. I am taking legal actions against them," she said yesterday.

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