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April 28, 2017
Minister of National Security Robert Montague

Farm work recruitment drive starts in June

If you have farming experience, you may want to consider going on the farm work programme in Canada or the United States.

Labour Minister Shahine Robinson has announced that a pre-selection exercise for both the Canadian and the US programmes will take place from June 26 to July 24.

"This recruitment drive will involve the ministry undertaking pre-selection activities islandwide over a period of four weeks," Robinson said.

"It is important to point out that persons who are interested in participating in this programme must have farming experience to boost their chances of success," the minister said.

Montague warns motorists, illegal taxi operators

Motorists have been put on notice to remove blue lights from their vehicles or face the music. Robert Montague, the national security minister, noted that only police vehicles should have such colour lights.

Issuing a warning to motorists who have blue lights on their motor vehicles and motor bikes, the minister said: "Make sure you have an ID card signed by the commissioner of police, as you must be a member of the JCF.

"Remove them, and remove them now! Only the police are permitted to have blue lights on their vehicles," the minister said.

Montague also said that the State will come down hard on illegal taxi operators, irrespective of whether the vehicles are owned by police or soldiers.

"We urge all illegal taxi operators to legitimise their operations, whether it is owned by police, soldier, politician or dem auntie. Legitimise yourself as we are about to launch a major drive against illegal taxi operators," he said.

Gov't to chase out gangsters

Having tabled a bill in Parliament to give the security forces more power to operate in tough communities, the Government is now getting ready to chase gangsters out of several communities.

Reduce crime

Robert Montague, the country's national security minister, said that Jamaica will be able to reduce crime "if we regularise our circumstances". He said that the Special Zones law will help the State to normalise communities.

"We will see the security forces clearing specific communities of gangs, holding their communities, and building out the infrastructure for the social agencies to do their work within these communities," Montague said.

"It is not beyond us in Jamaica to remove the barriers, equalise the opportunities and build a better Jamaica. Let us move to pass the Special Zones Act and let inner-city communities be great again. Let us recapture the Jamaican dream," he said.

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