Buchanan wants cemetery to serve Whitehouse to Bluefields

May 02, 2017
Luther Buchanan

East Westmoreland Member of Parliament Luther Buchanan says that the time has come for the creation of a cemetery to serve the communities along the seacoast belt from Whitehouse to Bluefields.

"There is the growing need for a dedicated burial site for persons within this area so as to prevent the use of good development lands from being stagnated by the people being forced to bury on the lands available to them," Buchanan said.

The main cemeteries in the parish - some of which are privately owned - are located in the Savanna-la-mar area.

"Numerous citizens have expressed concerns about the lack of a cemetery to serve these communities," Buchanan said.

Buchanan is scheduled to make his contribution to the sectoral debate in the House of Representatives today. He is expected to speak on the subject of rural development.

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