Governor general hails volunteers

May 02, 2017
From left: Garland McDonald, Teka Brown and Sherica Reid, representing the parish of Trelawny, with their awards and citations, following the presentation ceremony for the 2017 Governor-General Achievement Award ceremony, held at the Everglades Centre in Black River, St. Elizabeth last Thursday.
The Governor-General Achievement Award (GGAA) winners from St. Elizabeth with their trophies and citations, (from left) Laurna Wint, JP; Ricardo Gowdie and Dominic Blair. Occasion was the 2017 presentation ceremony, held at the Everglades Centre in Black River, St. Elizabeth, last Thursday.

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen has lauded volunteers who go beyond the call of duty to help the less fortunate in Jamaica.

"This is all about volunteerism and the spirit of the people of Jamaica and our ability to come together and do what is best for our nation. The selfless acts of volunteerism and outstanding educational achievement of the GGAA recipients speak to the gains to be had when our objectives and our actions are from a pure heart," said the governor general.

Sir Patrick was speaking at the 2017 Governor General's Achievement Awards (GGAA) presentation ceremony for the county of Cornwall, at the Everglades Centre, Black River, St Elizabeth, last Thursday.

"These awardees have given of their God-given talents to help others. they have become beacons of hope in many communities across the nation. Through their various projects, the awardees have been harnessing the potential of many of the nation's young people and are directing them into purposeful gains and positive actions," the governor general said.

He also commended the awardees for "burning the midnight oil" to make the sacrifice and to adopt the self-discipline necessary to achieve academic success. He said that they dared to be different, to have a firm purpose, and to make it known.

"Volunteering is a rewarding experience, and through this act, it is my hope that others will replicate your experience to energise their communities. Volunteering builds individual character, encourages good citizens, and provides opportunities to gain new skills and talents. It is also pivotal in establishing values and promoting trust," the governor general said.

The 14 recipients were Dominic Blair, Ricardo Gowdie, and Laurna Wint from St Elizabeth; Dane Rose, Sharna-Gaye Brown-Davis, and Carol Muschette from Westmoreland; Nicolette Wilson and Hyacinth Shakes-Warren from Hanover; Malike Kellier, Demoy Kerr, and Bishop Dr Olive Coates from St James; and from Trelawny, Sherica Reid, Teka Brown, and Garland McDonald.

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