Jamaica not the most homophobic country

May 03, 2017
Dane Lewis, J-FLAG's executive director.

In the face of calls for Jamaica’s buggery laws to be repealed, one of the main organisations that supports homosexuality has discovered that Jamaica is not the most homophobic place on Earth.
Having conducted a study, titled, Criminalising Private Consensual Intimacy, J-FLAG found that in Barbados, the offence of buggery can attract a maximum sentence of life in prison. In Trinidad and Tobago, the maximum sentence for buggery is 25 years in prison, while in Jamaica the maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment.
“This is by no means an indication that the law does not affect LGBT people across the country,” Dane Lewis, J-FLAG’s executive director said.
“The buggery law continues to be a locally and internationally recognised symbol of state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT Jamaicans. Reform of this unjust law remains urgent since the provisions do not align with the fundamental rights to privacy and equality before the law as secured in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms,” he said.

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