Jamaicans urged to masturbate for charity

May 04, 2017
Michael Abrahams


The month of May is being celebrated as Masturbation Awareness Month, and an adult toy company called Tenga has launched a campaign, #DoItInMay, encouraging persons to masturbate for charity.

Sexologist Shelly-Ann 'Dr Sexy Ann' Weeks said she fully endorses the campaign and is encouraging Jamaicans to support the cause.

"Masturbate for a good cause? That's a win and win," Weeks said, adding, "Whenever we are sexually frustrated, it manifests itself in other areas of our lives, so we end up tek out we frustration on our children, we deh a work and we cuss off everybody, when really all we need to do is 'rub one out'."

While noting that he does not believe there needs to be a whole month for it, renowned gynaecologist Dr Michael Abrahams said there are many benefits to masturbation.

He added that the taboos surrounding the act are ridiculous.

"For men, more frequent orgasms reduce the risk of prostate cancer, whether it's masturbation or sex itself. People need to be aware that masturbation is not a bad thing. It's better than having sex with a lot of people and getting sexually transmitted infections, and unwanted pregnancies," he said.


It's evil


Abrahams continued, "The shaming that comes with it, especially towards children, needs to stop because sometimes children want to explore their bodies and they are told it's evil and they're going to hell; that kind of rubbish needs to stop."

According to Tenga's website, they will make a donation to the Sexual Information and Education Council every time a person visits its website and signs a pledge committing to masturbating frequently in May.

Some Jamaicans said they support what the campaign stands for.

"I'm an open-minded person so I am willing to talk about these things. Masturbation awareness is important," 50-year-old Winsome Hemmings said, adding. "Did you know that nuff woman don't climax unless them masturbate? That's why nuff man have to go the extra mile [oral sex] trying to please the woman."

Dean Fraser, 45, said he also supports the cause.

"Nothing no wrong with masturbation. It's good fi be aware of these things, but it hard fi find people who will talk about it. People no really wah talk about it. Dem wah keep it to themselves," he said.

Abrahams noted that the only downside to masturbation is that some people can become addicted to it.

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