A playground at last! - D & G Foundation doubles fun with better, safer facility

May 04, 2017
Team Red Stripe is joined by students and staff at the Bethel Early Childhood Development Centre in Bull Bay as they celebrate the installation of the school's first fully functional playground.
Jovian Richards, plant operator, Red Stripe lends his support to the playground revamping exercise carried out recently at the Bethel Early Childhood Development Centre in Bull Bay.
Garth Williams, sustainability manager, Red Stripe, shares a light moment with two year-old Jovian Samuels of the Bethel Early Childhood Development Centre in Bull Bay.

For the first time, Bethel Early Childhood Development Centre in Bull Bay has a fully functional playground.

The school, which was built more than 50 years ago, sits on the border of St Andrew and St Thomas.

A team of volunteers from the D&G Foundation recently journeyed to the school to complete the construction of the playground.

"Playtime is very important for our students. It helps them to develop their motor skills, build their muscles, and provides an opportunity to socialise with each other," Winsome Symister, the school's principal, said.




Symister said that the students only had access to limited playground equipment, resulting in chaos at playtime, and she expressed her gratitude for the donation.

"We are truly grateful to the D&G Foundation for this very important addition to our school. It has really lifted our spirits and we are very excited to finally have a fully functional playground for our students," Symister said.

Bethel Early Childhood Develop-ment Centre was selected in the 2016 'Vote A Charity' exercise carried out by the Red Stripe staff. This initiative saw staff members nominating various community-outreach activities and outlining why each should be supported by the D&G Foundation.

Garth Williams, sustainability manager at Red Stripe, said the aim of the venture was to assist the teachers as best as possible to meet the needs of their students.

"We hope that by coming here today and revamping the playground, giving the children a structured and safer opportunity to have fun, we are able to make a positive impact on their development."

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