Police being trained to deal with grenades

May 04, 2017
Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake

Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, who heads the operations portfolio in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said that he is working with the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) to train the personnel he leads to be able to deal with explosives.

This, after conducting a comprehensive review of an operation in St Ann where grenades were thrown by criminals at lawmen.

"We are revising our training techniques and we are gonna get support from the JDF in dealing with matters like these," Blake told THE STAR.

On March 23, a police team went to a premises in Armadale, Alexandria, St Ann, in search of wanted men.

grown scared

Reports are that the team came under heavy gunfire and two hand grenades were thrown, one of which detonated, injuring a policeman.

A senior cop, who asked for anonymity, told THE STAR that many operational cops have grown scared since the incident.

"We don't have the equipment to deal with this. Is a different kind of war this. And what I am hearing is that the men dem don't want to go to the front anymore because them suspect say there are a lot of grenades here," the senior cop said. "When you look on the television, you see the men with shields and walking in formation."

But Blake boldly refuted those claims, stating that the policemen who work for him are fearless.

"Even the man who got injured was ready to go back to the front of the battle," Blake said. "We are capable of dealing with things like this. If they weren't they would have run away. They stood and they fight, but there are still some things that we can improve on so we have reviewed the operation and we are going to apply some new tactics."

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