Maxfield Avenue on edge

May 05, 2017

The St. Andrew South police say they have taken steps to prevent further bloodshed in the hotbed communities in the Maxfield Avenue area, where warring factions have been at each other with sporadic shootings and murders.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that thugs have drawn battle lines and are prepared to launch deadly attacks, having allegedly taken steps to arm themselves through gun rental and purchase of ammunition.

A resident told THE WEEKEND STAR that the area has been tense following the murder of a young man last week and another man last year.

“Dem kill the yute when a work him a come from. Another man dead last year same way. A jus bare intimidation and bad vibes. Mi nuh go a road too tuff. Police dem drop curfew now and again but me know the two side dem a plan. Weh dem a war dem one another for, nobody knows, only dem alone know,” the resident said.

Our news team gathered that an area called William Lane and a section of Fitzgerald Avenue have been at loggerheads for sometime. However, the stand-off has intensified since the murder of 21-year-old Nicholas Allen on April 25.

Commander for the St  Andrew South Police Division, Superintendent Arthur Brown, yesterday told our news team the police are aware of “something like that” as it relates to a division between the communities.

Brown, however, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he is not aware of gun renting and whether or not the thugs have gone ammunition shopping.

“I personally have not got that information and I’m sure my team has not got it or else I would have been told.”

Brown said the police have been actively in the space to prevent further criminality or acts of reprisals.

“We are actively engaging the communities. We have done community policing and we have done some walk through, and in addition to that, we have done some raids and we have adequate police coverage in the space to prevent the bloodshed. We are actively pursuing persons to arrest them for offences,” Brown said.

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