Lisa Hanna runs out of cash on toll - Henry to review cash-only system

May 06, 2017
Lisa Hanna
Lisa Hanna

Transportation Minister Mike Henry says he intends to examine the 'cash-only' policy of the operators of the North South Highway for use of the toll road.

South East St. Ann Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna said she was stranded at a toll plaza along the highway after she realised she did not have enough cash to pay the toll.

Hanna said that having arrived at the toll plaza she realised she had only $2,000 cash. It costs $2,450 for her vehicle to use the toll road.

Having found herself $450 short of the required toll fee, the former government minister said she offered to pay using a debit or credit card but was told the operators would only accept cash in local or United States currency.


Would be investigated


"Cash only ... but why if you have a credit/debit card machine you won't accept credit card/debit payments for the toll? I had to wait for someone to drive from Kingston To Caymanas toll with $450 because unless you have cash or US$ the Chinese will not let you through," said on Instagram.

When THE STAR contacted Henry, he said that if the matter was brought to him, it would be investigated.

"Not being a person that is on social media I wouldn't have known about this, and appropriately, if its something that is sent to me, I will investigate the issues as it relates and look at what issues need to be addressed."

"It is something I should look at because this can happen to many people overall," Henry told The STAR.

He added: "But there is a reason to know that before we enter a car we should check the blinkers, we should check the lights, we should check everything for the safety, and therefore you can extend that to the responsibility that if I have to go through the toll I must know that I have the toll or be able to make the necessary call. So the responsibility does always, respectfully, refer to the people to plan carefully."

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