Angry mob kills man accused of murdering nephew

May 08, 2017

A Portland man, who was on the run for almost a week after killing his nephew on April 26, died at hospital from injuries received after he was attacked and chopped by an angry mob.

Baldwin Walsh, 55, who managed to elude the police for 11 days after he allegedly chopped his nephew, Robert Douglas, to death with a machete, died at about 10 p.m. on Saturday at hospital while undergoing treatment.

Police sources say they were alerted by residents shortly after 7 p.m. on Saturday that a man was being beaten and chopped with machetes by an angry mob.

Upon arrival at the scene, the cops managed to rescue Walsh from the angry mob that had stabbed and chopped him repeatedly all over his body.

Passionate appeal

Walsh, who was reportedly bleeding profusely, was rushed to the Port Antonio Hospital by the police, but later died.

It was only on Thursday late week that commanding officer in charge of the parish, Rex Swearing, made a passionate appeal for Walsh to turn himself in.

"It sends a bad signal and it also sets a bad precedence when residents decide to take matter into their own hands," Swearing said.

"The police have their duty and we are bound by law to execute those duties. This matter will be thoroughly investigated, and those involved in this gruesome crime will be brought to justice.” 

On April 26, Douglas was reportedly sitting on a veranda at David Lane in Port Antonio shortly after 9:30 a.m. when he was attacked and chopped from behind. 

The uncle fled the scene shortly after. Douglas was rushed to the nearby Port Antonio Hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

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