Accused cheese thief sue State after not-guilty verdict

May 09, 2017

After being freed of simple larceny, a woman yesterday vowed to sue the state for arresting and charging her with the theft of five tins of cheese.

Sandra Holding, a labourer of Spanish Town, was freed by Parish Judge Tara Reid-Carr due to lack of evidence.

"Oh Lord!," Holding exclaimed before leaving the courtroom with a broad smile.

"It has been two years of living hell, as I have never been to that place much less to steal anything," she told The STAR.


Suffered greatly


According to Holding, she suffered greatly as a result of the charges that were brought against her.

"It affects me badly, as I fainted several times as I am diabetic. But thanks to a good lawyer, justice prevails," Holding said.

She added that her business and her reputation have suffered and she will be seeking legal redress.

"It can't just end like this. I will being suing those who did me wrong," she said.

Holding was arrested after being accused of stealing five tins of cheese from a business place along Old Harbour Road, St Catherine, on July 14, 205.

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