Ninja Man annoyed with court system

May 09, 2017
Ninja Man
Valerie Neita-Robertson


Veteran dancehall artiste Ninja Man, who had his ongoing murder case postponed again yesterday after eight years of back and forth with the law, was fuming when he spoke to THE STAR.

According to the deejay, the local justice system is unfair to the accused and only caters to the victim and the complainant.

The outspoken deejay is also encouraging the Government to upgrade the policies used to govern the operation of the courts.

"I have been battling with them over eight years now until they transferred me to another court, then back to this one. The cases are backlogging and they don't care if the accused is guilty or not because they are already getting paid regardless. They are not taking into consideration that I have to work as well and I have poor people to support.




This is not forward thinking and if we want to be a first-world country we must get rid of all the corruption because it makes no sense. I spent three years in custody and all now mi nah get no justice," he said.

The deejay also proclaimed his innocence, highlighting that the victim was like his son. He also wants his travelling rights reinstated so that he can work overseas.

"We need justice reform. There is no way it should me my responsibility to worry about whether you have a witness or not. To me, it seems they are not interested in finding the killer, they want to send me to prison to be able to say they put Ninja Man behind bars," he said.

Ninja Man is jointly charged with his son Janiel and another man, Dennis Clayton, for the killing of Ricardo Johnson, popularly know as Trooper, in March 2009.

A fourth accused, Seymour Samuels, has since died.

The trial was set for priority yesterday, but was postponed because there was no judge or courtroom available at the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston.


Fair trial


"My client is suffering irreparable damage ... We are talking about a fair trial," the entertainer's attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson, said.

"This is the sixth time it is being set as priority ...," Neita Robertson lamented.

The Border Clash singer has travelled overseas since he was slapped with the ongoing murder charge. but he disclosed that the privilege comes with several obstacles since he has to make a personal request on each occasion.

"There are no shows in Jamaica so we have to travel overseas and that has been a serious issue because some promoters are not sure if they book me I will be able to make it. The system can return my travelling rights because mi nah run guh nuh weh and mi done ugly already so nobody can't miss this face once yu see it," he noted.

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