Rebuilding Westwood ... Online campaign launched after fire at Trelawny-based school

May 09, 2017
Inside the damaged kitchen at Westwood High.

Westwood High School past student Cheryl Spence has started an online campaign to raise funds for the rebuilding of her alma mater.

A section of Westwood, which is located in Stewart Town, Trelawny, was destroyed by fire last week.

Fire gutted the kitchen, dining room, changing room and storeroom of the 135-year-old school.

"We, the past students, known as the Westwood old Girls Association (WOGA), have decided to do a GoFundMe, hosted by South Florida Chapter WOGA, Inc, to facilitate the rebuilding efforts of not only the kitchen and dining room, but also the science lab (which has been earmarked as the major project for 2017) at this institution," Spence's message said.

The campaign aims to raise some US$10,000 (approximately J$13 million). Some far, US$5,125 or J$665,000 has been donated by 45 persons in five days.

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