May 11, 2017
FILE Accident

More people died on the nation's roads this Easter than at any time since 2008. Based on data supplied by the Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining, ten persons died in crashes between Holy Thursday and Easter Monday this year. 

The last time the number of road deaths for an Easter Weekend reached double figures was 2008 when 12 persons died in crashes.

A cop, Constable Ramon Stephens and his female friend, Kodian Morris, were among the record-equalling five persons who died in crashes on Easter Sunday. They died in a crash along the North-South link of Highway 2000. Five persons died in crashes on Easter Sunday in 2016. Before that, the highest was four persons in 2001.

Some 120 persons have died in motor vehicle crashes since the start of the year.

The Road Safety Unit said speeding is to be blamed for most of the crashes.

Of the persons who have died on the roads, 33 were pedestrians, six were pedal cyclists, 34 were motorcyclists, six pillion passengers, 12 private motor vehicle passengers, three drivers of commercial vehicles, one passenger of a commercial motor vehicle and 25 were drivers of private motor vehicles. 

Kodian Morris died in a crash along Highway 2000

"It is against that background that the Unit is pleading with motorists to keep left while driving, not to overtake around corners and to drive within the posted speed limits," the Road Safety Unit said.

Additionally, the unit is reiterating the call for motorists to wear their seat belts, and for motorcyclists and pillion passengers to wear helmets. Pedestrians are urged to use the road with caution. 

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