Agony! - Family trying to cope with fiery death of breadwinner

May 12, 2017
Family members of Allan Baker and Ophelia Baker, now have two funerals after both met a fiery end at their home in Barbary Hall, St Elizabeth.

It has been almost two weeks since Allan Baker and his daughter, Ophelia, were set ablaze at their home in Barbary Hall, St Elizabeth. But the pain of the tragedy is still fresh for the close knit family, and they are desperately trying to cope with their harsh reality.

Baker, 49, affectionately called 'Boy Blue', died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the April 29 ordeal. He passed leaving five children the youngest of whom is 10-year-old Nikar. Ophelia, 26, is still battling for her life at the Kingston Public Hospital. Her three children, ages eight, six, and two years old, are hoping that she will be discharged soon. However, doctors are still unable to announce a release date due to the severity of her injuries.


Sacrificed his life


The family members spoke in hushed tones as they relayed how the early morning ordeal unfolded because they do not want to further upset the young ones, some of whom do not yet fully understand what has happened.

"Boy Blue sacrificed his life fi protect him children them. Him fight with the guy so that him nuh go inna the house go burn up the children them" his common-law wife, Julian James, said.

She explained that Ophelia's disgruntled boyfriend, Alvin Francis, approached the house early in the morning, while holding a jug behind him, and demanded to see Ophelia's children. Baker sensed that something was wrong, so he blocked the path.

Francis then held on to Baker as he doused him with a liquid and set himself and Baker on fire.

Upon seeing what was happening, Ophelia rushed to her father's rescue, and Francis doused her with the liquid and set her on fire as well.

Violet, who is Baker's 14-year-old daughter, also sustained minor burns during the fiery fracas.

Shortly after the incident, Francis was chased by residents, who hacked him to death.

Now, with the family's main breadwinner gone, they are at a loss as to how they will cover the impending funeral expenses, and Ophelia's mounting medical bills. They are yet to shop around for a funeral package, but Baker's sisters say they know the cheapest one will run close to $200,000.

Those wishing to assist the family, may contact Jermaine Baker at 1-876-581-2844 or donate to the GoFundMe account titled Tragedy In Barbary Hall.

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