Get back to basics - Police commissioner challenges officers to start rebuilding trust

May 12, 2017
Police Commissioner George Quallo.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo says that members of the force must redouble their efforts in building good community relations, noting that it is still one of the most effective tools in crime-fighting.

Quallo, who was addressing the Jamaica Police Federation's 74th Annual Joint Central Conference in St James, said that "now is not the time to abandon such a tried-and-proven practice, adding that "we risk giving up a huge advantage in taking the fight to the criminals".

"My challenge to the superintendents, the inspectors, and every rank-and-file member is for you to get back to the basics," the commissioner said.

"Start to rebuild the trust and confidence of the people ... . That is the only way they will feel comfortable to tell you what is going on," he added.

Quallo said that he can recall the early days when there were regular visits to schools by the police, and relationships were formed with the Church, farmers, and other interest groups.

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