Hannah Town residents beg thugs to cease firing

May 12, 2017
A resident points out bullet holes in Hannah Town from one of the latest flare-ups between rival gunmen.

Hannah Town residents, chiefly the youth and the elderly, are begging the gangsters around them to cease firing and to live as one as the western Kingston community is being torn apart.

The present conflict is allegedly caused by a turf war that has divided the area and created warring factions.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited yesterday, on the heels of an attack on the security forces by heavily armed thugs, in which a constable assigned to the Mobile Reserve was shot and injured, some residents say they are living in fear.

They said the violence is affecting everybody.

A woman said, "It affect we bad, bad, bad. We can't even sleep a night time."

Some of the residents contend that the bloodshed has been going on for far too long. One woman even had the scars of a gunshot to remind her of the danger.


Whole place a tear down


She said, "Look at me. I can hardly walk, and when the shot dem start, we afi walk leave the load. We afi run ina the church yard. It's very terrible."

A senior male resident told THE WEEKEND STAR: "Hours a night you ina yuh bed and gunshot wake yuh up. Last night, about 2 a.m., the whole place a tear down. Yuh hear bap, bap, bap, baappp baappp. From that, me couldn't go back a sleep. Bare pebbles a drop pan mi house top."

Our news team was told that the place is like a ghost town after 5 p.m. each day.

THE WEEKEND STAR was told that a party was shot up last week and since then, there have been reprisals.

A teacher said there have been times when she has been forced to lock children into the classroom during gunfire.

The teacher said, "Not even the dogs on the road are safe. We feel good when the police are here. All ina the school dem come park up. When dem hurt the police, it reaches a different stage."

A young man told THE WEEKEND STAR, "When war a gwan, the place nuh nice. You afi stay in and leave the street after certain hours. We can't feel good bout that. We can't play no ball. Only when police is there, we can play. This a gwan too long and need fi stop."

Efforts by our news team to speak with head of the West Kingston Police Division Super-intendent Howard Chambers, to shed light on the Hannah Town situation, proved futile.

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