Cell phone jammers wreak havoc

May 13, 2017
The Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in downtown Kingston.

State minister in the Ministry of National Security, Pearnel Charles Jr, has vowed to investigate complaints from residents of South Side, Central Kingston, that the cell phone jammers at the Tower Street Adults Correctional Centre have been preventing them from sending and receiving calls.

"I have not received one complaint of that nature," Charles Jr said. "I want the specific information as to who, so I can examine it to see if it is so. If it is so, then I could try and see what actions could be taken on my path to make sure that we are not obstructing their usual businesses."


Making foreign calls


Residents in Rae Town have been complaining for many years that phone jammers at the correctional facility have impeded their lives. "It worst when you making foreign calls," Valda Kellyman told THE STAR.

Another resident, Neil Yap, said: "What I notice is that when the phones are new, they work better. I can show you how much phones we have in there that don't work no more."

But another citizen, Anthony Forbes, said that while he acknowledges and accepts that he and his neighbours have been suffering, he understands the purpose of the phone jammers.

In March, the Ministry of National Security announced that it had restored and improved two cell phone jammers at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre.

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