Una James, mother of Malvo, falls on hard times

May 15, 2017
Una James, mother of Lee Boyd Malvo.
Lee Boyd Malvo

Almost 14 years after Lee Boyd Malvo was convicted of the sniper attack, which left 10 people dead in the United States, his mother - Una James - believes the curse of his deeds has been following her.

James was fired from her job last week, and she told The STAR that has had to sleep on the streets in Kingston on Mother's Day weekend.

James, who is from Brinkley, St Elizabeth, told THE STAR that her contract with the recycling company she has been working with was revoked after negotiations broke down about travelling allowance.

"I live in St Elizabeth and when I have to travel from St Elizabeth to Brown's Town and back to Moneague's dump, the little money that I get is not enough," James explained.


Sleeping on the street


She said that she had travelled to Kingston to discuss the matter of the travelling allowance with her boss but he dismissed her because she raised her voice in his office.

James said that she has been sleeping on the street since last Tuesday as she hasn't been able to secure bus fare to make her way back home.

"A Mother's Day and mi nuh eat from morning," James said yesterday. "I have food in my fridge in St Elizabeth but I don't have fare to go back home."

Malvo, who was 17 when he was arrested for his role in the deadly attacks, along with John Allen Muhammad embarked on a murder spree in the Washington Metropolitan Area over a three-week period in October 2002.

She said that she has been verbally attacked by her neighbours. "All them call me is the murderer's mother. Yes, that is what my neighbours look at me and call me more than once "the murderer muma a you sell out the pickney for so and so .," James recalled. "They told me to leave the community."

She added: "I didn't tell Malvo to do anything. All I wanted for him was a better life."

In 2010 James told The Gleaner, that she was planning to write a book to set the records straight on what happened with her son.

"Seven years ago I said that I was going to write a book but my situation here in Jamaica is not one of the best because I have problem at work so it Is not easy for me to just sit down and write the book because I have to earn a living to take care of myself," James said.

Malvo is serving a life sentence for murder.

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