Dairy farmers to benefit from milking machines

May 16, 2017
A dairy farmer tends to his cow in St Elizabeth.

Since the launch of the Drink Real Milk (DRM) campaign, there has been much excitement in the dairy industry and milk production has seen a production upturn. The joint effort among DRM partners, Nutramix, Seprod, Fersan and the Jamaica Dairy Development Board, has helped to turn the industry in a positive direction.

Continuing with its commitment to develop the dairy industry through the DRM Campaign, Nutramix recently held a dairy seminar in St Thomas.

The highlight of the seminar was the unveiling of a brand new milking machine valued at approximately $500,000. Nutramix will offer these machines to interested small farmers via a manageable 24 month financing plan.

The milking machines will offer great value to farmers who are currently hand milking by improving efficiency, milking times and sanitation, thus resulting in better quality milk and increased earnings for farmers.

The farmers were also informed about the Nutramix Dairy Feeding Programme which incorporates the combined use of two new minerals, namely Kalvolac milk replacer and Nutravit vitamin pack, as well as the use of Nutramix dairy feeds.

Since the introduction of the programme, farmers have been ecstatic about the results such as the garnering of healthier calves, increased savings and more profits.




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