Farm workers brave heavy rains

May 16, 2017

The heavy rains could keep Neville away from the East Street offices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on Tuesday. The St Catherine resident, who is slated to work on the farmwork programme overseas, made his way to the ministry's compound on the back of a motorcycle.

He was soaking wet but Neville made every effort to protect his suitcase, which rested between him and his friend Kat, who was driving the bike.

“Mi come cause me can fly anytime,” he said before jump off the bike and rushing into the building.

Some 200 farm workers are scheduled to leave for Canada tomorrow, and they are being processed.  Some workers are also slated to travel to the United States on the same day.

The ministry said that  persons who are not processed today will be  accommodated as soon as they come in and arrangements made with the airline for them to leave.

Collette Roberts Risden, the permanent secretary in the ministry, said attempts will be made to reschedule the processing of persons who are unable to come in today.

The statement comes as the island  is being lashed by outbreaks of  heavy rainfall, making it very difficult  for persons to travel.  




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