GET OFF THE BRIDGES ... Senior cop sounds warning amid flood

May 16, 2017

Head of the Clarendon Police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, is imploring persons to desist from converging on bridges in the parish to watch raging flood waters.

“We are asking these persons to get off the two bridges because they are endangering themselves. Persons who don’t have any business on the road, just stay off the road and stop creating more problem for the police. We are trying our best,” Cameron-Powell implored.

She said that the Clarendon police have several reports of flooding and impassable roadways in the parish. 

“In Cow Pen, we have a bus washed away but the passengers are OK. A house was partially washed away in Commissary,” she said

She also said the Old Train Bridge that links Green River community to Frankfield has been washed away.

She added that  sections of  the following communities have been affected by flooding and land slippages: Douglas Castle, Sandy River, Sandy Bay, Hope Bridge in Rock River,  Johns Hall, Peckham, Four Paths, Nineteen Miles, Ballads River, Pennants, Crooked River, Rock River, and several other areas.

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