Floodwaters scare stroke survivor

May 17, 2017
Alberta Hare who was flooded out of her house located in Sunnyside, St Catherine.

Two months after Albertha Hare survived a stroke, the floodwaters that broke the banks of the Rio Magna in the dead of night in the community of Sunnyside, St Catherine, gave her another scare.

Hare had to be rescued by residents early yesterday morning.

"When I wake up and put down my foot is just pure water," the 80-year-old woman told THE STAR.

"I lose everything. All of the clothes in the closet wet up. Is Miss Mac give me something to put on. I have arthritis so a lift dem have to lift me up, so I want to thank the policeman who help me."


Troublesome river


Hare is being housed by her neighbour, Pauline McDermott.

"Is not the first that house is being flooded out, so after they get her out I just put her up because she is also my friend," McDermott said.

But even though Hare almost lost her life in the house, which is located about five metres from the troublesome river, she has vowed to return home as soon as she can clear the debris that was washed into the dwelling.

"I don't have anywhere else to go," Hare said. "As soon as I can clean out the house I am going back."


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