Castrate them ... JSPCA says animals taking over downtown Kingston

May 18, 2017
Pamela Lawson, managing director of the JSPCA.

The Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) is calling all dogs and other animal owners, to its free veterinary clinic in Downtown, Kingston especially residents who wish to control reproduction.

THE STAR has been informed that the free clinic is to facilitate animals in downtown communities.

Managing director of the JSPCA Pam Lawson told THE STAR that the exercise is usually done annually.

Lawson told our news team, "It's a vet clinic and a spay neuter clinic, it's just that all the veterinarians, all the staff are donating their time; we just donate the drugs and the manpower."

Our news team gathered that emphasis is being placed to have the clinic conducted in downtown Kingston as uptown has already been catered to.

Lawson said, "We do it in different areas throughout Jamaica. Kingston usually tends to get for once, forgotten. And if we do have one in Kingston like last year, we do it uptown."

"We haven't had a downtown clinic for a few years now and it's showing, it's really becoming a problem now. The number of animals down there now is quiet horrendous," Lawson added.

The clinic was originally planned for yesterday but was postponed because of the rain. It will now be held on June 7.

It will run from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 6 Lower Elletson Road, below the Elletson Road Police Station.

THE STAR was told that among the services on offer is castration, which means the animals will lose the use of their testicles.

All types of dogs are welcome to get other services such as deworming and free surgeries.

"Mongrel, pedigree, you name it from it name dog and it name cat," Lawson said, noting that cats are also becoming the number one biggest problem in Jamaica. "They just breed indiscriminately. Cats will easily throw about three litters in a year, when you end up with minimum of three surviving each year, do the math."

She continued, "cats will easily in eight years push you to two million offspring. In Jamaica now the biggest request we get is how to deal with cats, too many cats."

According to the JSPCA, if animal owners cannot come to the clinic, arrangements can be made to pick them up.

Residents may call 929-0320 or 797-9374 to arrange for pickup and return of the animals.

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